Welcome VIP Brides!!

Please use the forms below to schedule your ULTA VIP sessions during the Duluth Wedding Show.

Online VIP Services Registration has closed.
If you purchased the VIP package but have not yet registered for services you will be able to do so at the show. 

We are asking BRIDES to register themselves and their guest for services under the bride's name and email address. For each service, there is a space to add "Bride" or "Guest" for each service you register for.
If the service is for you, just enter "Bride" 
If the service is for your guest, please enter "Guest - (First Name)"

You will receive a confirmation of your selections via email.
You will also receive a reminder a week before the Duluth Wedding Show.


If a bride or guests sign up for more services than allowed, the Duluth Wedding Show staff has the right to remove additional services at their own discretion and without consulting the bride or guest.

During the event, please be in the ULTA VIP room (the French River room across from the VIP lounge) 5 minutes before your scheduled services. 

Please Note: All sessions except the IT Cosmetic Master Class are 20 minutes each.  The Master Class is 50 minutes. 

If you have any trouble or questions, please contact Angie Simonson at angie@thelundeengroup.com

Session slots are first come, first served - please don't wait long to reserve your spots!

ULTA VIP Sessions

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