As Ciders increase in popularity, it only makes sense that you'd see them popping up at weddings and special events. That's why it's our pleasure to introduce Wild State Cider to the wedding planning crowd this year at the Duluth Wedding Show. Wild State Cider will be featured at the Lover's Lounge Bar as the show's official cider.

Why you'll love Wild State Cider
Wild State is produced right here in Duluth's Lincoln Park neighborhood. The taproom and production space are part of the restoration of an old warehouse bringing it back to its original character and charm.

The craftsmanship that goes into their product is undeniable. they use no concentrates - just 100% fresh-pressed apples and no sweeteners or added sugar - that's all left up to the apples too. They use no chemical preservatives, just fine filtration and pasteurization to keep their cider fresh. They admit this is making cider the hard, but that's just how they like it.

Stop by their table for a sample, then order a full-size cider at the bar.

Wild State Cider does offer event space for small events at their location at 2515 West Superior St.

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